How to Grow Plumerias in Pots

How to Grow Plumerias in Pots

If you don't have room for outdoor plants, or you're living somewhere where it gets too cold to keep them outdoors year round, growing plumeria indoors is an excellent option. However, caring for them in pots is slightly different from caring for those planted in the soil.


Plumerias indoors vs outdoors

Growing Plumerias in pots is a good idea, because you can move the pots anywhere you want, whether indoor or outdoor. The plants can be protected from winter, by moving the plant pots indoors. Moreover, you can control the type of soil when you grow plants in containers. 

Size of Plumerias in containers

The size of plumeria depends on size of the container. If you want a big tree you should plant them in a big size container. You can manage the size of the plant by trimming roots and branches from time to time.


Growing Plumerias in pots

1. Container:

Choosing the right container is the key to grow Plumerias in pots successfully. Choose dwarf and compact variety which can grow without any hassles in container. A large size pot can hold water for a long time and cause drainage problems, while a small pot can restrict the growth of roots. 

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2. Potting mix:

Plumerias prefers sandy soil with good drainage. Acidic soil is best suited for plumerias. Always use good quality soil, which is free from pest and diseases.

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3. Transplanting Plumerias

Slide the plant slowly  from the existing pot,  without damaging the roots. Cover the root ball in potting mix and sprinkle some water. 

4. Watering 

Plumeria requires a lot of water and also good drainage. Overwatering is a main issue in containers because of absence of proper drainage. Let the 2-3 inch of upper layer of soil go dry before watering. Then water slowly letting the soil absorb sufficient water. Let the excess water drain out. 

5. Fertilizer application

Plumerias are heavy feeders. Especially when they in container they need a lot of fertilizers. Applying Phosphorous rich liquid fertilizer can help. If you want them to produce more blooms add fertilizers and manure. 

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6. Pruning

Pruning is done to maintain the size and bushy shape of the plant. Late winter and early spring is the best time to prune plumerias. Use sharp sturdy secateur to prune the plants. Pruning will promote new growth. 

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Dr. Vandana K.