How to Grow Chillies from Seeds at Home in a Hanging Basket?

How to Grow Chillies from Seeds at Home in a Hanging Basket?

Growing Chillies from seeds in a hanging basket is a great way to grow your own food in limited space

Eye-catching chilli varieties such as ‘Birds eye chilli’ or ‘Kanthari chilli’ are small and compact enough for growing in containers and will grow quite happily in hanging baskets, if given ample depth of 9" or more – perfect if you are running out of room in your balcony garden. Grow them together with spring onions and coriander and you’ve got all the delicious ingredients for a fresh salsa in one go!

How to grow chillies at home in a hanging pot

Growing at eye level makes a real statement, plus they’re at a handy height for picking. And don’t think that these small chillies can’t pack a punch – they really make up for size when it comes to flavour and just one plant will keep you in spicy chillies all summer long.

What you will need to grow chillies from seeds?

  • Large hanging basket of atleast 1ft depth
  • Coir liner
  • Potting soil mixed with manure/compost
  • Chilli sapling
  • Spring onion seeds or bulbs
  • Coriander seeds

how to grow chillies at home

Steps to grow chillies from seeds at home in a hanging basket

1. Dry the seeds from the chilli you purchased at the market. Plant chilly seeds in a nursery pot or any empty container at home in soil. Water it regularly. Wait till grows into short saplings.

2. Sit the basket in a pot to keep it steady and place the cocopeat liner inside, making sure it is flush with the edges. Line the bottom  and fill it two-thirds full with compost.

3. Plant the chilli saplings in the centre of the basket at the same depth it was in its pot and fill in with compost, firming as you go – leave a gap between the top of the basket and the compost to make watering easier.

4. Water the compost. Around the edge of the basket, make alternate sowings of coriander and spring onions and cover with a thin topping of soil.

5. Thin out the seedlings once they are big enough to handle to give them room to grow, and keep watering the basket.

6. As soon as flowers start to appear on the chilli, give your plant a feed with jeevamrutham every couple of weeks. Water regularly so the compost stays moist.

7. Start picking as soon as your crops are ready and remember that the more chillies you pick, the more you will get.

how to grow chillies in pots

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