How Does Winter Season Affect The Plants?

How Does Winter Season Affect The Plants?

Winter is here and you might feel its impact. Your plants too feel the influence of changing weather. There are hardy plants that can adapt to cold weather conditions. But here is a list of general things to keep in mind while caring for plants in winter.   


Most plants prefer a temperature between 21° to 26°C during the day and around 20°C at night. But in winter temperature drops and affects the plants significantly. Therefore you must remember to keep the plants in a warmer place. Lower temperature will reduce the plant's rate of metabolism and growth.


In winter humidity comes down to around 10-20 percent. Plants grow well in a humidity of 50%. In too low humidity, plant growth is often compromised. One way to raise humidity is by grouping plants together. You may try moving them to humid areas. 


In winter, days get shorter and plant growth slows down. Hence your plants may not get sufficient sunlight. Plants grown in low light tend to be spindly with light green leaves. So make sure to place the plants in a brighter spot.

Winter Season Affect The Plants


Watering is a common issue in gardening. Neither plants nor soil loses much water during the winter season as the temperature is low. Before watering be sure to check the water level in the soil.

Winter Season Affect The Plants


Plants go into dormancy in winter. Cold weather decreases nutrient uptake by plants. Therefore they do not require too much fertilizer application. It is good to use fertilizers with high potassium and lower nitrogen during winter season. Too much nitrogen in winter makes the plants susceptible to pests and diseases.

Winter Season Affect The Plants

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