Hanging Plants - 25 Best Ones Easy to Grow and Care For

Hanging Plants - 25 Best Ones Easy to Grow and Care For

Hanging plants are a great way to add a touch of greenery and life to any home or office. With so many varieties available, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

Here are 25 of the best-hanging plants that are easy to grow and care for

1. Nasturtium

Nasturtium is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for hanging plant that adds vibrant color to any space. This trailing annual has bright green leaves and produces an abundance of colorful flowers in shades of yellow, orange, red, and even white.

2. Petunia

Petunias are one of the most popular and easy-to-care-for hanging plants. Petunias require full sun and regular watering to keep them looking their best.

3. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a great choice for hanging plants, as they are easy to grow and care for. These small, round tomatoes come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, orange, and even purple. They can be grown in hanging baskets easily.

4. Moss Rose

Moss roses come in different bright colors. They are easy to grow. Moss roses are great for hanging baskets, flower beds, and ground cover.

5. Begonias

Botanical Name: Begonia

You can use Begonias to brighten up your home during the cold season. They can bloom even when temperatures drop. Both wax begonias and angle-winged begonia can be grown in hanging baskets.

6. Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron

Philodendrons are one of the most popular choices when it comes to indoor plants. They look gorgeous in a hanging basket.

7. Money Plant

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

It is the most common indoor plant. They are suitable for hanging baskets also. They are fast growing and look stunning when trailed on walls.

Money Plant<

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8. Spider plant

Botanical name: Chlorophytum comosum

Spider plant is an easy plant to grow. It also can remove formaldehyde and xylene from the air. This plant grows well in low-light conditions as well.

Spider plan

9. Wandering Jew

Botanical Name: Tradescantia pallida

Wandering Jew is a hardy plant. It grows well in hot environments and makes an attractive houseplant. You can keep it in a small water-filled pot near a sunny window.

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10. Syngonium

Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum

Syngonium grows beautifully in hanging baskets, and lovely pink varieties give stunning views of your house. It thrives in low-light conditions.

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11. Turtle vine

Botanical Name: Callisia repens

Turtle vine is a creeping plant with green leaves that grows well as a hanging plant. It does well in bright indirect sunlight.

12. Dianthus

Botanical Name: Dianthus

Dianthus is a herbaceous biennial or perennial flowering shrub. It has become a popular ornamental garden plant. They're easy to grow and come in a range of colors.

13. Geranium

Botanical Name: Pelargonium spp.

Most types of geraniums tolerate drought and heat well. Once the plants get established, they're likely to survive even if you don't water them regularly.

14. Fuchsia

Botanical Name: Fuchsia

Fuchsia is an ornamental shrub or small tree that produces attractive flowers. The flowers are quite ornate; they hang down in teardrop shape and are abundant during the summer and fall.

15. Impatiens

Botanical Name: Impatiens

Impatiens are great for hanging baskets. Their vibrant blooms can brighten up any space. In addition, they do not require much water, and adding adequate fertilizers will increase the number of flowers.

16. Ivy

Ivy is a popular choice for hanging plants, as it is easy to grow and care for. It is an evergreen vine that can be grown indoors or outdoors, and it comes in many varieties.

17. Bacopa

Botanical Name: Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa is a popular hanging plant that is easy to grow and care for. It has small, delicate leaves and produces beautiful white or pink flowers. Bacopa is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance hanging plant that will add beauty to any space.

18. Maidenhair Fern

Botanical Name: Adiantum

This popular fern with delicate, light, dark green leaves on thin stems. It looks great in hanging baskets.

19. Boston Fern

Botanical Name: Nephrolepis exaltata

Also called sword fern, the blue-green sword-like leaves remain green throughout the year with long, erect leaflets. It prefers to grow in low-light conditions.

Boston Fern

20. Bougainvillea

Botanical Name: Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a beautiful and hardy hanging plant that is easy to grow and care for. it has become popular in many parts of the world due to its vibrant colors and lush foliage.

21. Firecracker plant

Botanical Name: Russelia equisetiformis

Commonly called the firecracker or the coral plant, these slender red and white color flowers attract many sunbirds. While growing, they give a beautiful cascading look.

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22. Baby rose

Botanical Name: Aptenia cordifolia

Baby rose is a small, low-growing shrub with delicate pink flowers. It's an ideal choice for hanging baskets and window boxes. It requires full sun and regular watering to thrive.

23. Oxalis

Botanical Name: Oxalis

Oxalis is also known as the shamrock plant. The plant has heart-shaped, purple color leaves and whitish blooms. They do not prefer long hours of sunlight and therefore are best as indoor plants.

24. Orchid

Orchids are one of the most popular and beautiful hanging plants, making them a great choice for any home. Orchids come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find one to fit your decor.

25. Wedelia

Botanical Name: Sphagneticola trilobata

Wedelia is an herbaceous, hardy perennial plant. It spreads aggressively. The plant will perform well in virtually any soil. Wedelia is widely used as groundcover.

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