Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Basket

Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Basket

Grow tomatoes in hanging baskets not only saves space but also gives you access to fresh, juicy, plump, small tomatoes.

Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets is not difficult if you are choosing the right variety of tomatoes, the right container, and proper growing conditions.


Tomato variety for hanging basket

While you can any type of tomato in a hanging basket, Cherry tomatoes are the best. They are native, pest and disease tolerant, and fast-growing. Grape tomatoes also do well in a hanging basket. They have slender structures and therefore do not weigh the basket down.

Size of the hanging basket

These tomatoes grow well in small containers. So choose a 12 inches deep container. The hanging basket loses water very fast. To prevent this you can add water-retaining organic materials like coconut husk and coco peat. Use fertile loamy soil rich in organic matter.

Soil and other requirements

Sowing the seeds directly in the baskets is not the right way. Instead, transplant the tomato seedling to the basket. While planting, add slow-release fertilizer and manure to the soil. Once the growth starts, add potassium-rich fertilizer.

Hang your basket in the bright spot where the plant can receive at least t 6 hours of sunlight daily. Water the plant regularly as hanging as water drains out fast from hanging baskets.

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Tips for a good tomato harvest

  • Do not plant more than one tomato plant per basket. It reduces the ventilation and becomes too heavy for the basket.
  • As above mentioned, hanging baskets lose water, so use mulch. And also water regularly.
  • Hang the basket in a place that is out of risk from the blowing wind. The last thing you would like is to see your hanging basket on a neighbor's balcony.
  • Don't put your basket where there's lots of wind; otherwise, you might get blown away. Tomatoes

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