Grow Your Own Vitamin C Garden

Grow Your Own Vitamin C Garden

Why buy from the market when you can grow them in your garden??

Read on to learn everything about how to grow Vegetables rich in Vitamins C in Containers. If you want to increase your vitamin C intake, grow these vegetables and get a fresh supplement of the vitamins.

1. Spinach

Botanical Name: Spinacia oleracea

Spinach has a high content of Vitamin C, B6, B9, and Folic Acid. It's easy to plant spinach in containers. Use it cooked or raw.

A 100-gram of spinach contains 28.1 milligrams of vitamin C.


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2. Lettuce

Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa

Lettuces are rich in vitamin C, and manganese, and contain lots of dietary fibers. You can grow it year-round and plant it in spring or late winter.

A 100-gram of lettuce has 9.2 milligrams of vitamin C.


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3. Radish

Botanical Name: Raphanus sativus

It provides a rich source of folate, vitamin c, and potassium and is   an easy vegetable to grow in containers. 

Vitamin C content per 100 grams of radishes is 14.8 milligrams.


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4. Peppers

Botanical Name: Capsicum annum

Peppers and chili peppers are good sources of Vitamin C and iron.

Pepper contains 143.7 milligrams of vitamins C per 100 grams.  


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5. Tomatoes

Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum

Tomatoes are full of vitamins C, K, and folate and they're easy to grow in pots. It is also one of the versatile vegetables and is used in many dishes.

One hundred grams of tomatoes contain 124 milligrams of vitamin C.


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6. Eggplants

Botanical Name: Solanum melongena

Eggplant is another rich source of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. There are many types of eggplants and they can be grown very easily.

A 100-gram of eggplant has 2.5 milligrams of vitamin C.


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7. Green Onions

Botanical Name: Allium cepa

This is yet another vegetable that is high in vitamins C and A, and also contains riboflavin and folic acid.

Vitamin C content per 100 grams of green onions is 18.8 milligrams.

Green Onions<

6. Onions

Botanical Name: Allium cepa

Onions are a good source of folic acid, vitamin c, and fiber, and they're easy to grow in most climates. They can be used fresh or cooked into dishes.

One hundred grams of onions contain 7.4 milligrams of vitamin C. 

7. Broccoli

Botanical name: Brassica oleracea var. italica 

Broccoli contains nutrients that promote healthy bones, the immune system, and the cardiovascular system. It has a high content of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, and fiber content.

100 grams of broccoli contain 89 milligrams of vitamin C.


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8. Brassicas

Botanical Name: Brassica

Brassicas are rich sources of vitamins C, K, A and E. They're also high in folate, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and fiber.

A 100-gram of brassica contains 53 milligrams of vitamin C.


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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.