Gardening trends

Gardening trends

Who doesn't want to follow the trend these days? Gardening is not an exception.

Here are some of the top gardening trends you may want to try.

1. Balcony Garden

With the increasing urbanization and massive addition of high rises in our cities, balcony gardens are becoming extremely popular. Balconies make the perfect space for a garden, you just have to learn how to use them. Balcony Gardening is the new gardening craze right now.

Balcony Garden

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How to start a Balcony Garden?

2. Wild Garden 

Days of pruning and trimming are gone. Now Wild Garden is trending. It is all about giving a jungle vibe to your gardens, indoors or outdoors. Grasses and vines are a good choice for wild gardens.

3. Inside Outside 

Inside outside is about creating a sense of flow between indoors and outdoors. Both indoor and outdoor spaces need to be designed in harmony.

Plants like geranium and different vines can be used for this style. 

Inside Outside

4. Tiny Garden 

There is very little space available for gardening nowadays. A tiny garden is all about making the most out of these tiny spaces and making small spaces bigger.

You could grow plants vertically, lay borders, and create paths as a part of a tiny garden.

5. Raised bed garden

It is about growing plants on a raised bed. This one is easy. And it looks good too.

They are most suitable if you have pets that regularly damage the plants. 

6. Permaculture 

This is a truly holistic way of growing plants. It involves working with nature to provide everything your garden requires.

The key principle behind a permaculture landscape is that you are replicating patterns in nature. It focuses on creating self-sustaining ecosystems that provide food, energy, water, and habitat for wildlife.

7. White Garden 

Lush green backdrop and white flowers! Is there anything more pure and serene than this?

A dark background with vivid shapes and sizes of leaves and exceptional white flowers is the key to this trendy garden.

8. Windowsill garden

If you don't have enough space, then use whatever space you've got creatively. This is the key principle of windowsill gardening. 

With urban green spaces being at a limit, windowsill gardens are the perfect way to utilize your available indoor living spaces.

Windowsill garden

9. Grey Garden

Grey has been making waves for some time now, and it has gardens too. 

You can bring a grey touch. to your garden by choosing the right furniture, paints, and pavement.

10. Cottage Garden 

You can create a cottage vibe in your garden.
Cottage gardens are easy to create and are so distinctive!

Their key elements include an informal, rustic aesthetic, and dense plants. Use vintage materials to give your garden a cottage look. 

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Happy Gardening!

Dr. Vandana K.