Flowering plants for pots

Flowering plants for pots

You have much space, but you want to grow flowering plants. Container gardening is the solution. Here is the list of the best flowering plants you can grow in pots.

1. Flowering Maple

Botanical Name: Abutilon

It is also called Indian Mallow. It has gorgeous flowers in different colors. Their small stature makes them suitable for container gardening.

Flowering Maple<

2. Bougainvillea

Botanical Name: Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a hardy plant. It prefers sunny locations. Apart from this, they can grow in any soil type and do not need extra care and maintenance.

3. Butterfly Bush

Botanical Name: Buddleja

Butterfly bush is known for its beautiful panicle of flowers. It also attracts pollinators like butterflies. Choose a dwarf variety to grow in pots.

4. Gardenia

Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia flowers have a beautiful fragrance. They can be easily grown in a pot with a bit of maintenance.

5. Hibiscus

Botanical Name: Hibiscus

It's easy to grow hibiscus in pots. With their big showy flowers, they add great beauty to any space. Hibiscus comes in a variety of colors.


6. Hydrangea

Botanical Name: Hydrangea

Hydrangea bears beautiful clusters of flowers with accentual leaves. They make a great addition to container gardening. Choose a big pot to grow them.

7. Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa

Rose looks beautiful in a container. They just need some maintenance, like pruning. You can also grow different roses, like miniature roses, and climbers in containers.

8. Ixora

Botanical Name: Ixora coccinea

This is a low-maintenance shrub. It bears gorgeous clusters of red, pink, orange, and yellow florets. They can be indoors as well as outdoors. You can grow a dwarf variety with ease in pots.

9. Chrysanthemums

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum plants need plenty of sunlight to grow well. They come in different colors. Water them regularly, and they add beautiful color and fragrance.

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10. Marigold

Botanical Name: Tagetes erecta

Marigolds are beautiful flowers that come in various colors. They are also known to have medicinal properties. What makes them unique is their ability to attract pollinators, such as bees.

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11. Dahlia

Botanical Name: Dahlia

Dahlias are popular herbaceous perennial plants. They come in a vivid range of colors and shapes. They are the most loved garden plants, as well as cut flowers. Depending on the variety, you should choose the container size.


12. Periwinkle

Botanical Name: Catharanthus roseus

Periwinkle is known to be extremely hardy and is known to thrive even in nutritionally deficient soils. It is widely used as groundcover. But they can easily grow in a pot too.

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13. Globe Amaranth

Botanical Name: Gomphrena globosa

Globe amaranth is a plant of the Amaranth family. The globe-shaped flower inflorescences exhibit a variety of shades like purple, red, orange, white, and pink. They have small, vibrant flowers that look great in contrasting color containers.

14. Balsam

Botanical Name: Impatiens balsamina

Balsam is a small annual plant with red or pink flowers. The stem is translucent with reddish streaks. They can be easily grown n pots as long as the container has sufficient drainage holes and the pant is not overwatered.

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15. Firecracker plant

Botanical Name: Russelia equisetiformis

Commonly called the firecracker or the coral plant, these slender red and white color flowers attract many sunbirds. While growing, they give a beautiful cascading look.

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16. Anthurium

Botanical Name: Anthurium

Anthuriums want 5-6 hours of sunlight. Their glossy leaves and flowers add a sparkling hue to any space. Long-lasting flowers of anthurium are an added advantage.

17. Dianthus

Botanical Name: Dianthus caryophyllus

Dianthus is a herbaceous biennial or perennial flowering shrub. It has become a popular ornamental garden plant. They're easy to grow and come in a range of colors.

18. Petunia

Botanical Name: Petunia

These annual plants come in a variety of colors. Different colored flowers are grown together to enhance the beauty of the garden. They are easy to grow. Petunias need adequate sunlight and well-draining soil to thrive.

19. Impatiens

Botanical Name: Impatiens

Impatiens are a great addition to your winter gardens. Their vibrant blooms can brighten up any space. In addition, they do not require much water, and adding adequate fertilizers will increase the number of flowers.

20. Kalanchoe

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe

The Kalanchoe is a succulent houseplant with gorgeous and long-lasting blooms. The glossy green leaves also add beauty to the plant. Its flowers come in vivid shades, including pink, yellow, red, and more.

21. Begonias

Botanical Name: Begonia

You can use Begonias to brighten up your home during the cold season. They can bloom even when temperatures drop. Both wax begonias and angle-winged begonia can be grown indoors.

22. Geranium

Botanical Name: Pelargonium spp.

Most types of geraniums tolerate drought and heat well. Once the plants get established, they're likely to survive even if you don't water them regularly.

23. Shankhpushpi

Botanical Name: Clitoria ternatea

Blue Butterfly Pea has blue and white flowers. Butterfly pea flower is a common ingredient in many herbal teas. They can be grown in containers, but you need to provide them with staking or trellis for the vine to spread.

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24. Moss Rose

Botanical Name: Portulaca grandiflora

Moss roses are a flowering plant that grows well in dry, poor soil but cannot withstand frost. They can be grown in hanging baskets and pots and are suitable as ground covers.

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25. Crown of Thorns

Botanical Name: Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia mili­ tolerates the scarcity of water well and doesn't need any special care. It blooms almost every season in an environment that stays dry, warm, and free from frost.

26. Nasturtium

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

Nasturtiums are herbaceous perennial plants. The leaves and flowers of Nasturtium are edible. The flowers come in hues of red, orange, yellow, and more. They can grow well with little care.

Nasturtium can grow in full or partial sunlight. Well-draining soil is suitable for growing this plant.

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Happy Gardening!

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