Balcony Gardener

Balcony Gardener

Getting Started with a Balcony Garden

Starting a balcony garden is very easy. It does not matter how small a space you have, you can create your own customized garden for your needs. It is important to have a garden in urban spaces as we tend to get caught up in the busy lives we lead. Green space and green plants allow us to relax and re-energize ourselves and get ready mentally for our mundane lives. Once you have your green oasis you will not be able to live without it ! 

The first aspect you need to look at is how much sunlight is available as this is crucial is choosing the kind of plants you can grow. Most balconies get a few hours of sunlight in a day. It is important to understand this since, different plants require different amounts of light. Shade plant and indoor plants can be grown with indirect sunlight or fewer hours of sunlight. Colorful plant like coleus and crotons can be easily grown in most balconies since the main concern in most balconies is the amount of sunlight it receives. But if you want to grow flowering plants and vegetables you will need a minimum of 6-8 hours of direct sunlight streaming into your balcony. 

You can have a herb garden, flowering garden, vegetable garden, edible plants, house plants or indoor plants, vertical gardening can be done as well. 

Honestly, the space of the balcony does not matter since plants can be grown anywhere. You do not necessarily have to have a roof terrace area or a big front or back yard. You can have plants on your window box or window sill, have a small succulent bowl on your balcony sit-out table, stylish lighting can be used, air plants can be grown in pretty little hanging glass bowls, recycling containers can be painted and given a new look to make a colourful container garden.

Balcony gardens do not require a lot of your time. You can maintain your balcony with minimum care and the level of maintenance required is comparatively low. 

A beautiful garden does not necessarily mean a big garden. Your balcony with planters is waiting for you. With limited space and a limited garden, you can always see inventive gardening ideas and creative ideas popup. 

FAQ on Balcony Gardening 

What are some of the benefits of a balcony garden?

Benefits of any and all gardens are immense. Gardening is very therapeutic and has been proven to improve mental health.

How should you water plants in a balcony garden?

Since most balconies do not receive a lot direct sunlight, you might not have to water your plants daily. Check the moisture of the soil before you water your plants. Water only if the soil is starting to dry out.

What happens if we add excess water or extra water?

Excess water will cause the roots to rot and your plants will die.

Can you have an attractive space with a Balcony garden ? 

You can have an attractive space according to your tastes. You can have a sleek minimal garden or an expansive mini jungle balcony as well. The ideas are limitless.

How do I care for my garden?  I travel a lot. 

You can have self-watering pots or make DIY watering systems to water your plants when travelling. 


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