10 DIY Hanging Pot Projects to Add Greenery to Your Space

10 DIY Hanging Pot Projects to Add Greenery to Your Space

If you have a green thumb and a desire to transform your living space into a lush and vibrant oasis, we have the perfect solution for you. In this blog, we'll explore ten amazing DIY hanging planter projects that will add a touch of greenery and elegance to your home. These innovative and fun projects will not only showcase your gardening skills but also infuse your space with fresh air and natural beauty. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your indoor gardening journey, these DIY hanging pot ideas offer an exciting and rewarding way to bring the outdoors inside and create a captivating green haven in your own home. Let's dive into these inspiring projects and elevate your indoor garden to new heights!

Macrame plant hanger

Macrame, a type of textile created using knotting rather than weaving or knitting, has been around for centuries and still remains popular today. A perfect way to customize any room in your home is by creating a beautiful macrame plant hanger. Not only does this macrame planters add a unique and chic look to your space, but it is also incredibly easy to make. All you need is some macrame rope, plant pot of your choice, and a few basic knots.

Terracotta pot

Terracotta pots make great DIY hanging pot projects. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to customize with colors and decorations. With a few simple materials you can create an eye-catching hanging display for your home or garden that will last for years to come.

Begin by gathering the necessary materials. You will need terracotta pots in any size you desire, string or rope , decorative items such as beads or stones, and glue. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, begin by painting the outside of the pot in any color or pattern you like. You can also add some decorative items to make it unique. Finally, hang your new terr acotta pot and enjoy its unique beauty.

Terracotta pot

Tin can hanging planter

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to create a hanging planter, look no further than your recycling bin! Tin cans make great DIY hanging pots that are perfect for small succulents or herbs. All you need is an empty tin can, string or rope, a drill , and a few other basic supplies. Begin by drilling two holes in the top of the can. Then thread your string or rope through the holes and tie it off to create a hanger for your pot. Hang your new tin can planter and fill with soil and plants of your choice.

Basket planters

Basket planters are a great way to add a rustic, vintage charm to your home with minimal effort. This DIY project is simple and easy for anyone to do, regardless of experience level. All you need is some baskets, wire, drill and a few other supplies. With just a little bit of time and effort, you can create beautiful hanging basket planters that will instantly transform any room in your home.

Ceramic planters

Ceramic planters make for exquisite and durable DIY hanging pot projects, perfect for elevating the aesthetic of any indoor or outdoor space. The inherent beauty of ceramic material adds an elegant touch to your hanging planters, complementing the greenery they hold. To create a simple and stylish hanging planter, all you need is a ceramic pot with a hole at the bottom for drainage and a strong rope for suspension. Choose a rope that not only provides reliable support but also complements the color and design of the ceramic pot. With a few knots and a bit of creativity, you can fashion a stunning ceramic hanging planter that will not only showcase your favorite plants but also become an eye-catching centerpiece in your living space. Its durability ensures that you can enjoy the beauty of your DIY creation for a long time while effortlessly adding a touch of sophistication to your indoor garden.

Beaded plant hangers

Beaded plant hangers offer a delightful and charming twist to traditional DIY hanging pot projects, providing a bohemian flair to your indoor plant displays. These unique hangers combine the natural beauty of wooden beads with the artful touch of macrame cord, making them an appealing and creative planter idea. To embark on your beaded planter project, gather a collection of wooden beads in various sizes and colors, and pair them with soft and sturdy macrame cord. With your creativity, begin crafting intricate patterns and designs by incorporating the wooden beads into the macrame cord knots. The result is a stunning beaded plant hanger that exudes a rustic and artistic vibe, beautifully showcasing your favorite indoor plants. Whether you hang them near windows, from the ceiling, or on walls, these beaded plant hangers will undoubtedly become a focal point in your home, adding a touch of nature and boho-chic elegance to your living space.

Metal bowl plant hangers

Metal bowls can be a fantastic and innovative choice for creating DIY hanging pot projects that bring a contemporary touch to your green plants. Transforming metal bowls into stylish plant holders is a simple and rewarding endeavor. Begin by selecting sturdy metal bowls of various sizes and shapes, allowing you to showcase a diverse range of plants. Next, cut lengths of rope to your desired hanging height and securely attach them to the bowls' edges, creating a sturdy suspension system. Once your metal bowl planters are ready, you can arrange them creatively on a wall or in a row to craft a stunning vertical garden display. The metallic sheen of the bowls adds a modern and industrial charm to your indoor or outdoor space, while the green plants thrive beautifully in their new hanging homes. With this unique DIY project, you can effortlessly create a striking vertical garden that not only showcases your love for plants but also showcases your eye for design and aesthetics.

Fishbowl planters

Fishbowl planters are an imaginative and captivating DIY hanging pot project that beautifully combines the rustic charm of cotton rope with the modern touch of metal chains. By repurposing old fishbowls, you can create enchanting hanging planters that breathe new life into your indoor space. Begin by carefully securing the fishbowls with cotton ropes, creating a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing suspension. To add a contemporary twist, incorporate sleek metal chains to complement the natural appeal of the cotton rope. These unique planters allow you to showcase an array of green plants, from delicate ferns to vibrant succulents, transforming your home into an urban oasis. With fishbowl planters, you can effortlessly marry classic and contemporary aesthetics, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to your living space.

Coconut shell planter

Create a brilliant hanging planter with a touch of natural garden decor by crafting a DIY coconut shell planter. This eco-friendly and creative project combines the rustic beauty of coconut shells with the elegance of metal wire and basic macrame knots. Begin by cleaning and hollowing out a coconut shell, turning it into a unique and sustainable planter. Use metal wire to fashion a secure and sturdy hanging mechanism that adds a contemporary flair to the overall design. Incorporate basic macrame knots to create an arrangement of plants within the coconut shell, allowing you to showcase a variety of green beauties in one exquisite hanging display. The coconut shell planter not only adds a refreshing touch of nature to your indoor space but also becomes a brilliant conversation piece, enchanting anyone who lays eyes on its ingenuity. With a bit of creativity and DIY enthusiasm, you can transform a simple coconut shell into a remarkable hanging planter that adds an extra dose of charm to your home decor.

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Coir hanging basket

Elevate your indoor garden with a DIY Coir hanging basket, a perfect combination of simplicity and vibrancy. Use a simple rope that supports the Coir basket, adding a touch of rustic charm to the overall look. To add a pop of color, incorporate bright and cheerful hues into the Coir material or use colorful ropes for the hanger. You can even experiment with wire baskets or Steel mesh wrapped around Coir to create unique basket-style plant holders. The Coir hanging basket not only provides an amazing garden vibe but also offers an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for displaying your favorite plants. Embrace your creativity, play with different colors, textures, and sizes, and watch as these charming Coir hanging baskets infuse your indoor space with delightful greenery and natural elegance.

Plastic bottle hanging planter

A fun and creative project for those who like to play with recycled materials is making a plastic bottle hanging planter. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to upcycle a plastic bottle that would otherwise be thrown away.

Start by collecting the materials you need, such as a plastic bottle, some cotton rope, a pair of scissors, and a marker. Cut the bottle in half and use the marker to draw lines around the circumference of the bottle. This will help you create evenly spaced holes that will be used to thread the cotton rope. Once this is done, start threading the rope through each hole and knot them securely at the top. Finally, add potting soil to the bottle and plant your favorite succulents and flowers. Hang the planter in a sunny spot and watch as it transforms your indoor space into an enchanting garden oasis.

Some beautiful plants for hanging pots:

  • Spider Plant: The Spider Plant is a classic favorite among indoor gardeners due to its adaptable nature and beautiful arching leaves. This easy-care plant creates a lush display in hanging pots, adding a vibrant splash of greenery to any space.

  • Snake Plants: Snake Plants are renowned for their air-purifying qualities and striking sword-shaped leaves. Hanging these sleek beauties in pots not only saves floor space but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your indoor or outdoor decor.

  • String of Pearls: The String of Pearls is a mesmerizing trailing succulent with bead-like foliage that cascades gracefully from hanging pots. Its unique appearance adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any setting.

  • Ribbon Plant: With its gorgeous heart-shaped leaves featuring vibrant green stripes, the Ribbon Plant is a delightful choice for hanging pots. Its lush and vibrant foliage makes it a visual stunner in any indoor or outdoor space.

  • Money Plant: The Money Plant, also known as Devil's Ivy, is a popular vining plant that thrives in hanging pots. Its heart-shaped leaves and cascading growth create a striking display, making it a perfect plant for adding a lush splash of greenery. 

In conclusion, DIY Hanging Pot Projects offer an enchanting and budget-friendly way to bring the beauty of natural colors and lush greenery into our living spaces. Whether we create a basket of flowers, a basket garden adorned with garden decors, or opt for plant hanger projects, each creation fills our homes with brilliant garden vibes. These outdoor hanging planters add a touch of charm and elegance, transforming our spaces into delightful havens of creativity and botanical bliss. Embrace the joy of crafting and let your imagination flourish as you design your own unique basket plants, allowing nature's beauty to thrive around you in a harmonious and budget-friendly manner.

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