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Preparing your home-garden for summer - Part 1

By - Vandana
29.01.21 11:34 AM

January marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer. In the next few weeks, leaves will regrow and flowers will blossom, as plants prepare to fruit. For us, this is the ideal time to prepare soil, seeds and plant nutrition.

Here are two simple steps that you can take today to be prepared for summer.

1. Prepare your soil - with mulch.

Mulch is everywhere! It organically  refreshes your soil while nourishing your plants.

2. Prepare homemade, organic fertilizer.

A one-minute guide to making nourishing bio-enzyme at home with just 3 ingredients.

Feel like you need some help?

Our expert malis can spruce up your home garden and help prepare seeds and saplings for summer.