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Preparing your home-garden for summer - Part 1
January marks the end of winter and the beginning of summer. In the next few weeks, leaves will regrow and flowers will blossom, as plants prepare to fruit. For us, this is the ideal time to prepare soil, seeds and plant nutrition.
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Health Benefits of Indian Borage (Doddapatre)
The plant, whose scientific name is Plectranthus amboinicus, is very hardy and grows quickly, requires little water, and can even grow in colder conditions if the weather changes dramatically. The leaves are the most sought after parts of this plant, as they are ideal for flavoring meat and vegetabl...
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Many people believe the term organic gardening simply means not using any synthetic chemicals in the garden, but to others organic gardening is much more.

Organic gardening is defined as a way of growing plants in a sustainable system based on nature through practices such as building the soil and ma...

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Urban Farm

Do you sit at your office cubicle and dream of driving a tractor across acres of your own farmland? Even just a small tractor and an acre or two—enough to live self-sufficiently or work the farmers market scene? Do you then return home to an urban lot, squashed in between other urban lots, and...

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Native planting is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits of going native, because these types of plants are easy to find. The most important thing to do before you head to the nursery is do a little research and have an idea what type of landscape you want to create, take note of the...

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