• Native & Indigenous Plants

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Native & Indigenous Plants

Aromatic Plants

Butterfly Attracting Plants


Flowering Plants


0% Chemicals - No harm for you and your children and family.

100% Organic - Using only Natural materials

100% Health - Organic, Natural, Herbal, Vegetables, Flowers etc.

100% Native - attract the birds, the bees, and the butterflies.

Join us on this journey

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Butterfly Attractant Plants


Flowering Plants

Herb Plants

Medicinal Plants

Plant Packages

Vegetable Plants

"I am obsessed with Gardening Now"

What started as a one-off purchase of some medicinal herbs and good, red soil, has turned into a complete obsession with native plants and mindful gardening practices for me. All thanks to Urbanmali.

Sandeep Mahajan

"Solution for our Community Garden"

Urban Mali have been a solution for our community garden at Wilasa apartments as well as my home terrace garden!!

Karthik K N

"Full of Flowers"

All my plants are flowering better, they have more space to grow, and the spacing, placements of the plants are better too.

Anuradha Bharat

"Charming & Disarming"

We had been visiting Urban Mali nursery for a few weeks before, and had always loved Dr. Vandana's knowledge about plants, and her disarming charm. Her company was the obvious choice when we needed a garden started in our new home

Charan Grandigae

"A novice gardener's Go-To Company"

I love the knowledge and passion that Vandana has about native plants and her team's skill in putting up a garden and more importantly training a novice gardener like me to keep all the plants alive and blooming.

Kannika Iyengar

Gift for Someone Special?

From children to elders, everyone feels warm & happy to receive a plant gift. We have a range of plants and plant packages that will make any garden lover smile :)

Gift a Plant!

Garden Tools

Organic pesticides and fertilisers

Organic Seeds

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Soil Amendments

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Plastic pots

Upcycled Planters

5 Easy to Grow Native Climbers at Home

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