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Dr. Vandana Krishnamurthy

Vandana has been passionate about trees and plants ever since she was given the extra nudge and encouraged to identify plants by her college professor. She went on to do a Masters in Ecology and a PhD in Botany. Once she was finally done with all the studying and researching, she, like many other scholars was troubled with the question of what to do with all the exhaustive knowledge that she had gathered over the years. She was sure that she wanted to make a difference in the lives and homes of people. Fortunately, she was reunited with Radha, and as luck may have it, one thing led to the other and she helped Radha set-up and run ArtyPlantz. Vandana decided to use her research skills in the real world. Vandana’s passion is to spread plants to every little garden space that is available in the city. She believes that every citizen in the city should be conscious about the need to preserve native plants and biodiversity and convert the city into a “living herbarium”.


Shyam: Project Manager


Dominic: Project Manager

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