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Home Garden Set-up

Every year, a little more of the urban green spaces are being eaten up by last construction companies building homes, offices and other urban amenities. While development is much needed specially to house the increasing city dwellers, the little that is remaining of urban ecology is diminishing. In Bangalore along approximately 75000 new homes are being built every year. The once occurring nesting trees are being cut down for building driving the poor little birds further out of the city. Small green pockets within the city is the only respite for plants and animals that have lost their native habitat to development. As development continues wildlife is forced to depend upon our human-dominated landscapes for their continued survival.

We at UrbanMali believe that us urban citizens can definitely help bring back all the urban biodiversity that we saw in plenty decades ago. City garden have an important role to play in the future of wildlife. Gardens have the power to make a significant contribution towards a variety in both plants and animals, bringing nature home.

We at UrbanMali is thrilled that we can take gardens to every city dweller!

Our speciality is in setting up gardens for your home. Our gardeners are dedicated to helping setup a customized garden for your home. We use native flowering plants to beautify your home, wonderful herbs that you can use in your kitchen for cooking and to help combat common ailments, and help you set up your off-the-grid vegetable garden for all your daily vegetable needs.

All this with no chemical inputs! Now you can eat your fruit straight from your garden without worrying about wax, pesticides or other harmful chemicals that go into conventional farming methods.