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“Plant a tree”: It’s the favourite adage on a placard. The motto for us — abruptly awakened self-confessed earth saving warriors. That’s all you need to do to — stick a band aid on the rather small gash we’re causing the environment: Plant a tree. If only it were so easy. Among the complications surrounding

What if I told you that you can start an edible garden that will continue to produce food year after year with very minimal maintenance, monitoring, and no sowing after the first year (unless you want to diversify). It’s vital that you use open pollinated heirloom seeds to establish this system. Hybrid seeds won’t always

If you own a home and want a sustainable garden, you are going to have to put in some work. Yes, while you can create the ideal setup, you will have to spend time and money putting everything together. While true, with a little hard work and some time spent outside on the weekend, you

In the past, helping plants survive drought meant turning on the sprinkler day after scorching day. But now there’s a more water efficient way of gardening that saves on water and on time called xeriscaping. First developed in water-strapped parts of the western United States, it’s a method of gardening that homeowners everywhere are beginning