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Being in the vicinity of plants can have a hugely positive effect on our moods. Apart from just being a beautiful sight to see, gardens offer us a whole load of different advantages, many of which are therapeutic, like a walk through the garden A garden can be a functional space, depending on how we

Pollination which is a characteristic of angiosperms or the flowering plants, is a process by which the pollen is transferred from the  anther (male part) to the stigma (female part) of the plant, thereby enabling fertilization and reproduction. Simply put, it is a process by which the male seeds of a flower is transferred to

Why do we need Urban Farms in cities? Well, have you considered the amount of food the world needs, with its ever growing population? We produce so much food at the brunt of losing so much forest area and using up a great amount of fossil fuel. While farmers of villages are struggling to earn

We, at Urbanmali, believe in organic gardening and healthy living. This podcast is all about five herbs which are easy to grow at home in your garden or balcony or patios, and which add flavors to your cuisines. Do check out and let us know your suggestions and reviews. Listen on and have fun!!